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Cape May Fiber Co. Yarns & Knitting Machines

CAPE MAY FIBER CO. YARNS! Choose from Hand Dyed or Naturally Dyed yarns in Superwash blends of Merino Wool in weights from lace, to super bulky. Try our Brushed Alpaca/Silk, or Yak sock blends for true Luxury. 

You wouldn't sew your garments by hand, would you?  Of course not!  That's what a sewing machine is for. Thus, the knitting machine can be a knitter's best friend.

THE KNITTING MACHINE is a helpful tool to turn your ideas into finished projects in hours, rather than days or weeks. We offer Silver Reed and Taitexma Knitting Machines, starting at $429 for a Basic Hobby Machine, up to $1900 for an Extra-Wide Hand Knitting version with built-in patterns. Knitting Machines are customizable with your own patterns! If you can Hand Knit it, you can Machine Knit it in 1/4 the time, therefore enhancing your desire to design and create.